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14 October 2035 @ 01:18 pm
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15 October 2011 @ 09:03 pm
A » Inside 838 Hastings Boulevard.
[After finally feeling himself fade away, barely connected to the world any more, it's something of a surprise that he finds himself waking up here in a strange bed.

Waking. Up.

No, he doesn't sleep, he powers down. Waking up isn't the word for what he does. So why is this sensation so different and absurd? Crow opens his eyes blearily, relieved to find that he has sight once again. It'd been pretty horrible that he couldn't even see Seto the whole time he was losing battery. That feeling is not one he wants to relive. Re-experience.

But the room he's in is not one he's familiar with. The clothes he has on are not his. Already up and out of the bed, he starts searching around for his things, his hat, anything that belongs to him, and finds nothing. Even the photograph he had always held onto isn't here. He'd checked under the pillows, under the bed, on the dressers; a look into the closet made it obvious that someone lives here. Which is weird because he doesn't see many living humans, if it is a human dwelling at all. It's been a long time, anyway. Seto's the first he's seen in years.

He hasn't realized yet that the joints on his elbows are missing, and that the vague beeping battery meter he'd come to ignore is missing.]

How did I get here? Pretty sure a dead battery meant the end.[His hand on his chin, trying to make sense of things. It's hard when you don't really have a lot to go by.]


B » On the streets.
[So after whatever happened in the house he woke up, Crow's now wandering around the streets looking for something to do. Everything looks so new and nice and not dilapidated. It's weird seeing things like this but it's also definitely gotten his sense of adventure thrumming. There are so many new things to climb or collect and-- there are people.

Crow's a little unsure about people. He doesn't hate them, but it's different from seeing maybe one human every few months or years. He won't be the first to approach them, instead he'll just be walking the road, staking the place out.

It's better than sitting around being bored. Maybe if he's lucky, whoever took him took his best friend too. He's sure Seto would like this dump way more than back home.]
14 October 2011 @ 01:05 pm
**Warning: This app contains big fat spoilers for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.**

'Waking up human.'Collapse )
14 October 2011 @ 05:19 am
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14 October 2011 @ 04:30 am
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18 September 2011 @ 02:47 pm
If you're still friended to this journal from Luceti, please defriend it. I'd like to reuse it in another game and it'd probably save you some confusion and all that good stuff.


Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day!
[Hey again Luceti folk, this guy's hanging around the library today. Actually, he's been here all day, reading. Nothing extremely interesting, unfortunately, but it has passed the time. So as he's hidden himself in some nook of the library, he pulls out his journal and jots down the following 'cry for help':]

What do you guys do for fun here? I need something to do.
[Hello Luceti.

On the branch of a tree somewhere in the forest, a raven haired boy lounges fearlessly, almost carelessly. He's already replaced the white pants with his own attire, though regrettably, his trinkets and teapot are no where to be found.

In his lap lies the open journal. He'd been studying it for the past half hour, trying to figure out what it's for, and only managed to gather that it is indeed a journal of some sort.

Crow's relatively calm about the new attachments to his body, but what's really bugging him is that the last thing he remembers--


The last thing he remembers is the sound of a certain human's voice. He smiles distantly as he taps the journal, not finding it strange at all to talk to himself.]

So what, this is what happens when you die? Laaame.